TRS for Tablets

TRS (Transhuman Resleeving Service) for Tablets  is an app that allows you to select options as per the Transhuman book, published by Post Human Games.

It alllows you to select Aptitudes, Native Language, Backgrouds, Faction, Focus, Customisations and Morph, create the charater and chare it.

A Great Tool for GM’s!

It is designed for large screens and tablets for use in landscape mode.

Now you can select all options from one screen.

All rights owned by them under Creative Commons Sharelike V2 license.

Version 1 is in development and will be available soon!


3 thoughts on “TRS for Tablets

  1. I have finalis e d a design for TRS for Tablets v2. Whilst i dont use an “actual” navigation drawer menu, Ive managed to incorporate a style of navigation menu in the layout that i am very happy with, and can use easily.

    I will be now incorporating the webview links to display the character, and then setting up the changes to the menu so I can see them affected in the webview. I will release a new update in a new program. . .

    • I have now taken the step of removing ALL self assigned skils and bonuses from the list of backgrounds/factions/foci/customisations, and will be putting them into another expandable listview where you can select each skill, etc for yourself. It is a HUGE project but well on its way.

  2. Well, I lost the final edit of the app so I am developing version 2.0 as a completely new app, rather than an update. OOPS!

    Now I will be attempting a few new ideas (well, new for me!) and hopefully come out with a better program. I am attempting to let you pick your bonuses for skills and aptitudes that go with morph and skills. Its a big ask and more than half the program has to change, but it wil be well worth it!

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