The Mesh

The Mesh is a program designed to be used in conjunction with the Eclipse Phase RPG.

The premise of the game is a post apocalyptic transhuman world where your personality is uploaded and saved. Your consciousness can exist in a virtual world, or a real body. For most people, you would know the difference! If a body dies, then you can be downloaded into a new body.

In this world, your AI is inbuilt into your brain and copied/downloaded with you. You can get it to do things such as access the Mesh for data about you, or communicating to your companions and getting information about your current mission.

In game terms, The Mesh allows you to communicate over this virtual network via this App.
The GM and players all connect to the same Wifi network and, if you join the same room, then you can talk to each other. You can send private messages by touching the persons name in the user list, or simply hit enter to broadcast the message to all (posting on the web?).

You can also view your character sheet (a text copy/paste of the XLS spreadsheet FLAT FILE TAB) and click on a skill to send the skill to the GM (ie click perception to send a perception roll to the GM).

This is yet to be done, but its a work in progress.

I hope you enjoy.


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