Novus is a new, exciting game system from Firehawk Games.

In order to enhance this wonderful system, I am writing a character sheet program for this game, where characters will be stored in a local database on the handset. Yes you can backup the database to your SD card (and even edit it using Firefox’s SQlite Manager, if you know how!).

Stay Tuned for details.


4 thoughts on “Novus

  1. Initial Concept. As a Registered Developer, I will be developing a character sheet program for this great system, based upon the d20 Modern Sheet app. Try that and you’ll get the idea!

    Stay Tuned for details.

    • jasonbrisbane says:

      Version 1.0a has now been released.
      – You can create and delete characters, although the sample character “Marcus” will always remain.
      – You can backup and restore the database to SD card (if you have one).
      – If you want to view extended statistic information, turn the device to landscape mode on the Stats tab!
      – heaps of functionality and features, all ready to be used in your game of Novus!

      Please Enjoy!

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