HARP – High Adventure Role Playing

Developed by Iron Crown, the makers of Rolemaster and Spacemaster (and those modules we shall not name 😉 ), HARP is a d100 game system with simplicity and ease in mind in its core concept.

The underlying ideal is this: Everyone should be able to do almost anything!

Fighters can learn spells, Spell casters can learn weapon skills and Bards may get lucky and slay dragons with a single arrow shot! But with the possibilities comes endless dangers and ICE games are famous for these: Bleeding, Stun, and Wound penalties make combat fun!

  • The Harp CS App for Android is a modifiable character sheet that you can keep on your android device: Perfect for any game!
  • The HARPCS Website allows you to see your character as per the original character sheet with all your skills and abilities. You can modify them and print them out to have a fresh copy of your character for any game, or export it for use on your Android device with HARPCS for Android.

Details about both these apps will be coming soon!


12 thoughts on “HARP

  1. Version 0.17b is now updated.

    I fixed an issue where your Game Notes would be lost if you rotated the device (changed orientation) before saving them.

    Well, it annoyed me…. 😉

  2. Version 0.1.5a is coming very soon.
    Testing for Recalculation of Skill Rank bonuses, and Total Bonuses is complete.
    Just to test for Statistics Bonuses..

    And I will add in a few nice “please wait…” messages, as well as a “Are you sure prompt?”…

    I want to use this for a game on Saturday night so I want to upload the completed version on Friday night at the latest. Will do the final testing tomorrow night… 🙂

  3. Update 0.1.4a: Now I have fixed the Ads. I changed to Google’s Admob SDK and it works a treat!

    Currently I am working on allowing the skills to be recalculated: Ranks bonuses, stat bonuses and total bonus will be recalculated for each skill.

    Finally, I have redesigned the Settings screen. It uses the standard Preferences XML file instead of my own custom “hack”! Looks good and works well too!

    Stay tuned!

  4. Coming Soon!

    You will be able to recalculate your skill rank bonus, skill stat bonus, or total bonus.

    So you can change a stat bonus and recalculate to fix all affected skills!

    In progress, so stay tuned!

  5. jasonbrisbane says:

    HARPCS for Android is now Officially released, with blessings from IronCrown!

    Have updated the XML file creation routine to display long errors as some devices wont allow you access to the internal memory at all, only the SD Card. So, Creating a character on non-Samsung Android devices now requires you to have an SD Card.

    NB: You can view the character, but if you try and Save a display character, you will get dumped out!

    Please try and enjoy!

  6. jasonbrisbane says:

    Update: Ive decided to get the program to create an xml file if one doesnt exist that you have pointed it too. So you can start it up and start modifying the character right away, ecit the progeam and copy the xml file, or edit it directly in notepad (etc). Then point the program to the whichever file you want.

    One program: No extras required.

  7. jasonbrisbane says:

    Program Complete.

    Status: 98% complete.

    Will run tests at tomorrows game to see how it works.

    NOTE: This will be a free application with ads on the Home Screen Only!

    Looking to release this app soon!!!

  8. jasonbrisbane says:

    Sorting of Skills complete.

    List of skills per category is sorted dynamically, so the XML file can be all over the place, as long as the skills are inside each category…

    (hmm,… Would probably have a huge issue if the category numbers were out of sync….)

    Change edit screens of stats of money to textview and allow EDIT on menu to get to the edit screen – it looks a whole lot better like that!

    I’ll be able to do that tomorrow, probably quite quickly as Ive done it for testing previously…

    Then I will test everything at my HARP game on Saturday night and be able to look at finalising and completion on Sunday night (with any luck!)

    Status Progress: 95% complete.

  9. jasonbrisbane says:

    Status Update: Equipment List complete. All functionality is now done. Just some asthetics to fix now. . .

    94% complete.

  10. jasonbrisbane says:

    Status Update: Development is now 90% complete on HARPCS for Android. All functionality is complete and now need to sort Equipment list issue and display asthetics.

    Will test functionality at next Saturdays Harp game and decide what to do before release.

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