d20 Modern

Hello All,

Tonight I start work on a new program – d20 Modern Sheet.

This will allow you to create a d20 character on your android device ready for your tabletop games.

Stay Tuned for updates!!


13 thoughts on “d20 Modern

  1. Version 1.1c has been released!

    This fixes issues with Notes and Personality crashing, and saving when the device is rotated.

    Also fixed an issue with device menu not working on OS > 3.0.
    Also removed extraneous buttons in favor of adding menu items (now that menus work!)

    Sorry for the inconvenience all!

  2. d20 Modern is now Released! Version 1.0a is on the market, allowing you to use the default character for your own and to create additonal characters.

    The new characters you create do NOT come with extra skills, equipment, etc listed. These extra characters are ideal for GM NPC’s, allowing you to add only required skills and not worry about the extraneous skills, etc.

    My next update will allow you to backup and restore your character database via the settings menu. This will REPLACE the existing backup file with a new copy and importing the database will REPLACE the existing Database. So export, move the file in file Explorer and then chnage the name for your other file you want to import.
    Ive already tested the backup and it works great!

    The next versions will allow you to specify a file name and location to backup the file to (allowing you to import and export to different files).

  3. Version 0.1n now added.

    You can now edit Abilities scores.

    Next I will be working on adding the ability to add Feats and Skills and delete the same. This will complete the Character Tab screens functionality and it will be complete!


    • Just to update: all screens display data from internal database. All fields are editable apart from the Combat tab screen(todo). You cant add or delete items at the moment, so you cant add extra equipment, henchmen, skills, feats, or FX abilities. Im working on adding and deleting feats, then skills; then the character tab will be complete! Then I will work on the combat tab, and the adding/deleting for other equipment tabs.

      Finally I will allow you to add new characters, with the default skill set and allow to to select an existing character to edit. These will be on the settings screen (accessible by the menu from the main screen). This will set this program at version 1.0.0!

      • Version 1.0a has been released!

        You get one character with the program (default) with a full skills list. You can create new characters from the settings menu and delete them too. One character is the Current character and cannot be deleted until you change the current character. You cannot delete the default character either.

        When you create a new character they do not get a skills list. This makes it ideal for gm’s who want to create a few npcs.


        Todo: I want to allow an import and export function, primarily on caseof database issues and “just-in-case” scenarios but this would also allow you to copy pcs and possibly “share” them with others!

  4. Version 0.1m has now been uploaded.
    Editing of Skills has now been added.
    By default, only names and the Key Abilities are loaded. hen you click to edit a skill, it calculates the ability bonus and recalculates the total bonus for you! This will reoccur for every skill, so click a skill, click OK and see the skills recalculate for you!

    NB: Since Feats grant bonuses to skills, including them (misc bonus) would mean incorporating the core rules into the program. I wont do this as I told WotC that I wouldnt. So you will have to add any miscellaneous skill bonuses yourself!

      • Well, its official. Wizards have approved the d20 modern character sheet app for Android. Now I can add edit functionality to it. But tonight I will add in other screens to the rest of the character screen tabs.

      • More functionality is being added. I have added a settings screen via menu, and moved the exit button to the same menu. Also with the extra db functionality added. I have added edit functionality to the game notes, and presence tabs (both fields). Finally, due tovthe stupid negative comments of a few, I will be forced to add an annoying popup to the main screen explaining how this is NOT a functional program, and how this is only a DEMO!!!

      • This annoying popup will remain until the final version is released to prevent people claiming that the progeam lacks basic functionality. Of course it does, its a DEMO ALPHA VERSION APP!!!

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