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d20 Modern V2

Version 2 is now released.

I have separated it into a separate version as this version changes the format to show all your character details on one screen.

There are minor database changes, but this will be maintained along with the original version.



Comments on: "d20 Modern V2" (4)

  1. This program has been archived and is no longer maintained. If you would like the source code, please email me!

  2. Hi, left a comment on the D20v2 character app., but forgot the defence won’t calculate right either. Here is my other post: 1.) skill section needs “radio” buttons for y/n options. 2.) character options need to be either dropdown list to choose from or number box depending on input required. Except where typing is required. 3.) needs to start as a blank character. & last but not least 4.)app needs to be used in your presence by someone who has not used it before. For proofing. But thanks for the effort & please keep making progress.

  3. Version 2.0j has now been released.

    I have fixed the issue with the Skill Total Calculation.
    Now works!

  4. I have found an issue with the skill total not calculating correctly. I am adding in a Total Skill option in the edit screen. and will get it working correctly.

    New version due in the next week.

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