Artificial Conception

Artificial Conception is an Android app for the roleplaying game – Eclipse Phase.

Using the new Transhuman players guide, it will allow to to generate a ‘random’ character and then Share that character with others – email it to yourself, share on Facebook, etc.

The App has 14 steps to create the character. Whilst each step is random, if you dont like the result, you can click the Back arrow, and then forward again to regenerate an option!

Once created you can share via any of the Share functions on your device.

It will work on Android 2.3 and above, but it looks Best on Android 4.0+.

I am currently working on step 10 and I hope to be finished within the month.

Stay Tuned!


6 thoughts on “Artificial Conception

  1. Now available, Version 1.7!

    Version 1.7
    – All packages are calculated with Skills, Rep, Credits, Morphs, Aptitudes, Stats (including those with bonuses from packages, morphs, etc), and Traits are ALL calculated in.
    – Bonuses over 60 are reduced by half as per rules. Points not spent are listed to be respent.
    – No Psi Skills or Mental Disorders are calculated randomly (GM or Player choice only).
    – Have Fun!

  2. Version 1.4 is now published. Watch for it in a few hours!

    Artificial Conception, is a Random character generator that uses the Eclipse Phase Players Guide – Transhuman.

    Using the Life Path Random Character Generation system, you can step through and generate random characters and Share them using your device (Email, Facebook, etc).

    Click > to proceed though the generation steps.

    To regenerate a step, Click again!

    NB: If you cant see enough detail, click the View Character button below!

    – Step 3 now allows choices other than Customized: Artist and Customized: Async – Sorry.
    – Calculates all packages skills, aptitude bonuses, moxie and calculates skill bonuses correctly.
    – includes Morph aptitude bonuses with skills correctly. (Gear bonuses or smartlinks from certain weapon types NOT included).
    – Character Display now displays game stats, including morph stats eg: Init, TT, LUC, WR, DUR (for bio and syncs!).
    – Still displays all events in order after character skills, for roleplaying purposes.
    – Moxie given is from PACKAGES ONLY! (Backgrounds, Factions, Focus and Customizations), not from story events.
    – Character Skills all display with aptitude bonuses. Field skills do not display if you don’t have the skill (i.e. Academics, Professions, etc only display if you picked up a profession, interest, etc.
    – Rep displays as @-rep by default.
    – Excess skill points are listed at end of skills as “Respend Points” – you can allocate these to any skill you wish as they need to be respent.
    – Rep bonuses given in packages are given against corresponding Network skills.

    NB: I still have some bugs to work out as there is a LOT more coded added in this version, but this will fix numerous issues and make the generated character immediately playable.
    NB: You still need the books, and no Psi skills are generated.Talents and Traits are NOT explained and Story events (ie extra Moxie) are NOT calculated into their associated attributes/skills/etc.

    Finally, let me know via the if there are any issues or crashes. I AM still working on this but this version will help a lot!

    Please enjoy!

  3. I’ve finished most of the work. I’m just adding the last of the Synthmorph and infomorph modifications (stats and Durability).

    Finally had the time to look for an issue that bugged me – Customizations were always appearing as Artist or Async’s. (Damn > symbols….)

    Now finalising and then I wil be testing the stats etc created by the program…

    NB: Morph traits dont get recorded… might need to look at that…

  4. Version 1.1 is now out! Available on the Play Store, thanks to the almost 40 people who have downloaded it already!

    I am still thinking bout how to improve the results: skills, talents, moxie, aptitudes, etc.
    If you have any ideas as to a preferred format, let me know as I’m a little brain dead after all this data entry!

  5. I have now completed all the Steps, so it will roll all Tables.

    TODO: Insert all Morph Tables, instead of the placeholders currently there.

    Add functionality to the View Detail button, which will present a webpage fo for the detail of the step you are currently at – View Detail on Step 14 (with the Share button) will show you all of the character details, including skills.

    Please Note: I shall release this with very Little formatting, as different people like the formatting in different ways.

    Afterwards I shall adjust the formatting in the way I like! 🙂

    Stay Tuned!

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